What color is the RGB strip?

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
What color is the RGB strip
RGB light strip means that each LED welded on the light strip is composed of three unit colors of red, green and blue. It can emit red, green and blue monochromatic light alone, or can emit white light in combination, and two or three chips can be mixed to produce other light colors.
RGB is set from the principle of color luminescence. When their lights are superimposed on each other, the colors want to be mixed, and the brightness is equal to the combination of the three brightnesses. The more mixed, the higher the brightness, that is, additive mixing.
The three color channels of red, green and blue are divided into 256 levels of brightness. The light is the weakest at 0 and the brightest at 255. When the grayscale values of the three colors are the same, different grayscales are generated and are worth gray tones. , that is, when the three-color grayscale is 0, it is the darkest black tone, and when the three-color grayscale is 255, it is the brightest white tone.
The RGB light strip cooperates with the dimming controller to realize various light effects, color transformation, gradient, stroboscopic, sudden change and other effects.
At present, the more commonly used RGB light strips are 3528RGB light strips, 5050RGB light strips, 5050RGB built-in ICs, side-emitting RGB light strips, and super-long 15-meter RGB light strips.


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